Feedback: Why Telling Your Agent What You Think and How You Feel is so Important.

images-1One of the truths in this life is that we don’t know everything.  But the blessing to this curse, if you will, is that we have been given a never-ending ability to learn.

This thought is forefront in my mind today as I reflect on the many things I have learned over the years – all the things that give me expertise.

In Real Estate, every transaction is incredibly unique.  And I’m not just talking about the variables in the property being bought or sold.  There are variables with the lender, variables with the type of loan, variables with the buyer’s or buyers’ personality(ies), variables with the appraiser, variables with the agent on the other end, and the list goes on.  A 10+ experience for one person is not a 10+ for another.  One buyer prefers to be hands-on at each step of the process.  Another just wants it handled.  One seller wants the house perfect before putting it on the market.  Another believes that buyers need to understand that a house is meant to be lived in and that buyers should expect wear and tear.

For most of us, buying and selling a home will happen multiple times in our lives.    Having a strong relationship with your agent is like having a strong relationship with your doctor, your accountant, or your attorney.  As you progress through different stages in your life, feedback from previous transactions – both positive and negative – will assist a good agent in serving you better.

Not all transactions will be perfect.  In fact, most won’t.  But telling your agent how you feel and what you would do differently is important.  Your next transaction will probably be a move up.   More money will be involved.   The market will be different.  An agent who listens and who maintains a business relationship with you will be in the best position to serve you when you are ready to make that move.


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