I’m a Teacher. Do Public Service and Private Enterprise Really Mix?


Every time I share with teachers that I do Real Estate on the side, someone always asks, “How do you have time to do Real Estate and teach?

My answer is always the same.  During the school year, I don’t spend more time on Real Estate than a coach does coaching.   My Real Estate work is a business.  And, like my classroom, I have set up systems and routines so that I can meet the volume of lesson planning, marketing, meetings, grading, and paper work head on.  While I work with my students by day, I work with my clients evenings and on weekends.  Most people who buy homes and own homes work during the day.  So as an agent who also has a day job, I don’t have to ask anyone to take off of work.

During the day, students are my top priority.  Clients who work, understand the importance of focusing on your job during the day.

But there is another concern felt by educators regarding Real Estate.  Real Estate is big business.  It’s the corporate world.  It’s conservative.  Education is a world funded by tax dollars, dominated by politicians and unions, and, well, liberal.  Aren’t I selling my soul to greedy self-interest?  Wouldn’t a better use of my time be to work for the Union and lobby the legislature for more funding?

My answer is always the same.  No.  In fact, I’m am bringing more money to the education table through Real Estate and I’m doing it without having to beg voters and politicians for bond issues or increased taxes.   What I do in Real Estate actually supports education simply by doing business.   “How’s that?” you say.  Let me explain.

Realtor with African American couple outside house for sale
Most clients don’t want to take off work.  After all, losing earnings in order to spend them is not helping their bottom line.
  1. The majority of school funding comes from Mill Levies.  The higher the value of a home, the greater amount in tax dollars.  Home values go up the most when homes are bought and sold.  Increased volume in Real Estate sales means more money for our schools.
  2. No one likes the thought of increased taxes, even when they concede to paying more for a good cause.  BUT, everyone likes added value to something they own.   The individual homeowner benefits and the school benefits.   Real Estate is the source of this win-win.
  3. I, like most teachers, spend my own money on my students and my classroom.  The boost to my income that I get every time I close a transaction invariably means a boost to my students in some material way.

So, if you really want to support education, sell your home and buy a new one!  And, if you want to support education even more, sell your home and buy a new one with a teacher who does Real Estate on the side . . . . ME!


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