Moving Brain


Feeling frazzled? Thoughts going in a million different directions? Trouble deciding what to put where? You are not alone. You a suffering from MOVING BRAIN.

MOVING BRAIN is what happens when everything is out of place. You’ve lost the flow and rhythm of your old home and haven’t established the flow and rhythm in your new one.

You are not alone. Unfortunately, the only cure for moving brain is to get moved in, find a place for everything, and establish new routines. That takes time. But don’t despair. There are some ways to at least minimize the effects of all that disruption.

#1. BOX AND LABEL ITEMS ACCORDING TO WHERE THEY WERE IN YOUR OLD PLACE. Instead of labeling what’s in the box, label where it was in your old house. Some examples are “Bottom right cabinet, Kitchen” and “Top Shelf Upstairs Linen Closet”. You are more likely to remember where things were and the labels will make finding the right box easier.

#2. LABEL WHERE THE BOX GOES IN THE NEW PLACE WITH A DIFFERENT COLOR. When you have helpers, they’ll know which room gets which box.

#3. GROUP BOXES ACCORDING TO THE ROOMS THEY CAME FROM. Leave the boxes from the kitchen in the kitchen until moving day if you can. Then, have your movers move one room at a time so that all the boxes from the kitchen stay together.

#4. USE SMALLER BOXES. Yes, smaller boxes mean more trips to and from the moving van, but they also make finding the correct box easier – assuming, of course, that you have labeled your boxes according to the advice in tip #1 above.

#5. LABEL BOXES ON TOP AND ON THE SIDES. When you have to stack them in storage or in a truck or pod, make sure the side labels are visible. If they are labeled on top, too, you don’t have to turn the box to see what’s in it.

#6. DON’T STACK BOXES TOO HIGH AND LEAVE SPACE BETWEEN ROWS. Imagine your storage area is an Aldi. Stack so you can reach boxes on the bottom without having to move too many boxes from the top. My brother-in-law did this for me when we had a delay in our closing. It saved my sanity!

#7. STACK THE HEAVY BOXES ON THE BOTTOM. Getting my husband to do this has always been a challenge. Heavy boxes on top results in damaged boxes, damaged goods, and a whole lot more work for me.



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